The Inclusive Data Charter mobilizes political commitments, collaboration with partners, and knowledge-sharing to advance the use of inclusive and disaggregated data.

In July 2018, a committed group of 10 partners launched the Inclusive Data Charter (IDC) during the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development. Facilitated by the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data, the vision and principles were developed by a task team of representatives from governments (across four continents), UN Agencies, and civil society organizations.

The Inclusive Data Charter's aim is to advance the availability and use of inclusive and disaggregated data so that governments and organizations better understand, address, and monitor the needs of marginalized people, and ensure no one is left behind. Our goal by 2030 is to have more specific data that helps allocate resources effectively for those who need them most. 

Momentum for inclusive data

Since 2018, the IDC has tripled in size, garnered commitments from more than 30 diverse Champions, and supported them in accelerating and deepening progress.

Inclusive Data Charter Champions produce action plans to describe the concrete steps they will take to realize the vision and principles of the IDC.

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Once you lift the rock and you have the data and the evidence, then you know what the scale of the problem is. The Inclusive Data Charter has enabled those kinds of ‘lifting-the-rock moments’ in a really positive sense. More governments and organizations are continuing to sign up and commit to the charter.


Become an IDC Champion!

If you represent a National Statistics Office, Minister or Government, civil society, international organization, academia, or other sector looking to join the Inclusive Data Charter and would like to find out more, please contact Tichafara Chisaka, IDC Program Manager,, and Karen Bett, Senior Policy Manager,

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A timeline of progress

Explore our latest progress report to check out the achievements of the IDC Champions, and learn more with the resources below.


The IDC has been a catalyst for IDMC’s work to advance inclusive and disaggregated data on internally displaced people, inspiring us to take stock of data gaps in order to provide an inclusive, more precise, and comprehensive picture of internal displacement.

– Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre