Since the creation of the Inclusive Data Charter (IDC), the network has expanded significantly in both scope and diversity. This expansion includes a threefold increase in the number of Champions within the network, fostering greater discussion and collaboration on issues related to inclusive data. Additionally, the network has spearheaded crucial research initiatives and facilitated inclusive processes to formulate and execute action plans.

The IDC network and its Champions have spurred change and enhanced awareness and involvement in inclusive data efforts throughout various countries, regions, and local and global levels.

The year 2023 was pivotal for the IDC, as it marked the initiative's fifth anniversary. During this milestone, achievements were celebrated, and discussions concerning the network's future unfolded. As part of this forward-looking approach, a strategic review was commissioned.

This review addressed two fundamental questions: how has the landscape of inclusive data evolved recently, and what role have IDC Champions played in driving this change? The findings shed light on these inquiries.

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