Please register by July 10 to attend this in-person event. Spaces are limited. If you have registered and can no longer attend the event, please cancel your registration so others can attend. 

People experience poverty in different ways. The barriers facing an older woman in a rural area are not the same as those facing a younger man with a disability in an urban area. Ending poverty for all requires data that provides insight into individual lives. 

Current approaches to poverty measurement make it difficult to see these lived realities in data, extending the legacy of inattention to inclusive data with implications for policy, programs, resourcing, advocacy and realizing rights. 

Inclusive, individual-level data that reveal the influence of gender, age, disability, and other characteristics that shape and constrain lives can expand the insights informing action. Achieving this ambitious agenda requires a whole system approach, including civil registration and vital statistics systems, national statistical offices, and government ministries. 

Alongside global data-centred initiatives, such as the High Impact Initiative on the Power of Data, the Global Digital Compact and the Summit of the Future, and with Sustainable Development Goal 1 in focus at the 2024 High-Level Political Forum, this event spotlights individuals, inclusion and intersectionality in data as central considerations to ending poverty for all. 

Stakeholders leading efforts to improve the visibility of intersectional barriers in data will show why this matters to living without poverty and the practical implications of data gaps, including birth, death, marriage, and divorce registration, for understanding the multiple and overlapping challenges facing specific groups. 

Other contributors will address the role of individual-level, gender-sensitive measurement of poverty as a strategic investment in change and what is required in practice if initiatives to improve inclusion in data are to support action on poverty and inequality.

The event will have the following speakers and representatives from UNFPA and Solomon Islands Government.


Joanne Crawford AM

Strategic Adviser
Equality Insights, International Women's Development Agency, (IWDA)

Rebecca Bryant

Chargé d'affaires
Permanent Mission of Australia to the United Nations

Francesca Perucci

Director of Policy and Partnerships
Open Data Watch

Jenna Slotin

Senior Director of Policy
Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

Alice Ridge

Australian Feminist Foreign Policy Coalition, IWDA