Created in 2010, IMPACT is a Geneva-based NGO and the largest independent data provider in the context of crises. Its main aim is to support a range of stakeholders in making better, more informed decisions in humanitarian, stabilization, and development settings. With this, direct engagement with local communities and their leaders is a key pathway to better planning and decision-making. 

This calls for the design of people-centered research and setting of standards for collecting and analyzing rigorous, high-quality data in complex environments.

Emilie Poisson, Deputy Executive Director at IMPACT Initiatives

Becoming a member of the IDC network will help IMPACT in its endeavour to support inclusive data practices leading to inclusive humanitarian action.

As part of the IDC, they would like to:

  1. Develop dedicated thematic research on the less visible and reachable segment of the affected population, enhancing the use of secondary data from all sources, testing analytical frameworks centring on intersectionality and mainstreaming disaggregated data – to the extent that it is feasible and relevant for inclusive programming. 
  2. Commit to reviewing existing practices and developing further guidance to ensure that data collection is conducted safely and accountable and that they strengthen their collaboration with local organizations and develop participatory research methods.