Humanity relies on the oceans to live on Earth. Over 3 billion people depend on healthy marine and coastal life for their livelihoods but more than half of key marine biodiversity areas are not protected. To change both what we put into our oceans and what we take out, we need better data to monitor our oceans.

Data can help restore life to our oceans and support the communities that rely on those ecosystems. Through data-driven decisions, marine habitats like the mangroves on the coast of Zanzibar can be protected. Innovative technologies like satellite data can be used to combat droughts. Data can change the way we interact with the oceans and ecosystems that rely on them and help build a sustainable future for life below. Using data to change the way we interact with the oceans and the ecosystems that rely on them can help build a sustainable future.

I hope for your help to explore and protect the wild ocean in ways that will restore health and, in so doing, secure hope for humankind. Health to the ocean means health for us.

— Sylvia Earle, marine biologist