Fundacion WWB Colombia has developed an Inclusive Data Charter action plan to help reduce social inequalities in Colombia. The organization will do this by generating, utilizing, and disseminating reliable, up-to-date, and inclusive data to support evidence-based decision-making.

Fundacion WWB is an autonomous, robust, and independent organization dedicated to closing the inequality gap for women and fostering their active involvement in Colombia's economic development for over 40 years. 

To fulfill this mission, they create initiatives and programs to enhance individuals' personal and entrepreneurial skills—especially for women entrepreneurs facing socio-economic vulnerability. 

Fundacion WWB conducts research and shares insights gathered from data and information to pinpoint the gaps in gender equality and intervene to reduce them. The organization also invests in socially impactful ventures that promote equality and sustainability.  

 Over the years, they have identified four key factors that have enabled them to achieve successful outcomes: 

  1. Each community knows its challenges and potential and acts as the facilitator of processes. They don’t dictate what to do but provide tools for autonomous decision-making. 
  2. Respect contexts, socio-cultural dynamics, and the processes undertaken by other entities. They collaborate, recommend, and build together to generate long-term transformations. 
  3. Listen empathetically and actively contribute to the actions and ideas already present within the community while providing feedback on their processes. 
  4. Promote decision-making based on data and analytics, and in this process, share information with public, private, and academic entities to encourage reflection and evidence-based action. 

In line with this last point, in July 2023, Fundacion WWB committed to the Inclusive Data Charter and launched its Action Plan for the next five years. 

The aim is to help reduce social inequalities in Colombia by generating, utilizing, and disseminating reliable, updated, and inclusive data to highlight, inform, and mobilize evidence-based decision-making. The action plan proposes three mechanisms as tools for data generation and consolidation: 

  • Operate with a robust research and analytics team dedicated to generating qualitative and quantitative data directly from the entrepreneurs involved in their various initiatives. They also collect data from their research projects, collaborations with third parties, and the Fundacion WWB Colombia Research Fund. 
  • Advocate for the democratization of the data they collect through their research efforts. Whether obtained directly or in partnership with allies or funded through the Research Fund, all data adhere to rigorous standards of quality and ethics. They are made accessible for individuals and organizations to consult, integrate with their own data, or use alongside other credible sources. 
  • Established the Observatory for Women's Equity (OEM) in collaboration with ICESI University to measure, disseminate, and influence public and institutional policies concerning factors that impact women's equity and autonomy.  

We appreciate the support of the Inclusive Data Charter and the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data in this endeavor, and we invite other national and international organizations to join us in this cause. Let's work together to enable more women to actively participate in all social, economic, and political spheres.

Fundacion WWB Colombia

Review the Fundacion WWB IDC action plan, and visit their channels to learn more. 

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