Accelerating the pace of sustainable development requires addressing the critical challenge of insufficient investment in data.

On September 17 2023, a fantastic collection of data leaders launched the High Impact Initiative on the Power of Data.

The goal of the Power of Data is to unlock the data dividend to drive progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); recent research shows an average return of $32 for every $1 invested in strengthening data systems in low and middle income countries.

By 2030, we want countries to have the investment, skilled people, strong institutions and political leadership to use data and data technologies in ways that transform progress on the SDGs.

Cutting-edge national data partnerships

At the heart of the High Impact Initiative is the launch of national data partnerships, announced by an initial group of 15 countries across Africa, Asia, and Latin America, and supported by the UK.

The initiative is facilitated by co-leads including UNDP, UNFPA, UNDESA, UNICEF, CCS-UN, the World Bank, and the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data. It is one of twelve High Impact Initiatives created by the UN development system in partnership with governments and an array of key stakeholders on crucial dimensions of SDG acceleration.

These partnerships will bring together governments, tech companies, civil society, donors and others to use data ethically to revolutionize decision making, accelerate digital transformation, and drive new economic opportunities for a more equal and sustainable world.

The goal is to have 30 national data partnerships by September 2024, and 50 by 2030. Led by national governments and with significant financial and other support from donor countries, the UN system, foundations, tech companies, civil society and others. We will capitalize on global summits including the Summit for the Future and the World Data Forum to build momentum. Everyone has a role to play!

Get in touch and get involved

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If you are from a the UN system, a foundation, a tech or other company, or civil society and would like to find out more about how you can support the national data partnerships please contact

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