Interested in harnessing citizen-generated data for SDGs?

Join us for an insightful workshop on July 17 during the High-Level Political Forum.

Organized by the United Nations Collaborative on Citizen Data, this event aims to enhance the understanding and utilization of citizen-generated data in addressing data gaps for marginalized communities and promoting transparency and inclusiveness in public policy.

Key topics include:

  • Use of citizen data for public policy and programmatic actions

  • Data collection and validation

  • Quality assurance that is fit-for-purpose

  • Safety and eEthical considerations and rights-based approaches

  • Collaboration and trust-building between civil society organizations and state institutions

  • Feedback on the draft Copenhagen Framework on Citizen Data

Learn about tools and methods in official statistics, practical examples of engaging citizens in data production, and solutions to design and implement citizen data initiatives for inclusive decision-making.

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