The world is collectively failing to meet targets to mitigate the effects of climate change and remains stubbornly unequal, while the interconnected and interdependent nature of the many crises we face is increasingly clear. We need to bend the curve before it is too late. Data and technology will help us to make the progress we need, and changes are gathering pace everywhere.

Charting the path forward

Governments are investing in digital services, and corporate investment in artificial intelligence (AI) has increased more than sixfold since 2015. These are powerful new technologies, with data at their heart. Digital technologies’ ability to help drive equitable, sustained progress depends on the quality of the data being used and the effectiveness, transparency, and inclusivity of regulatory and data governance frameworks.

To address the evolving role we need to play in this ecosystem, the Global Partnership has launched an ambitious new strategy to guide the work of the network until 2030. Co-created with our partners, we hope this strategy is a useful tool for prioritizing how we can work together and how different initiatives can align across the network. 

Knowledge and technology for sustainable development

Our 2024-2030 strategy, Power of data: Knowledge and technology for sustainable development, is framed around our vision of a world where data and technology are driving sustainable and equitable development. Where individuals, organizations, and countries can mobilize the power of information to create the futures they want and need.

Our network has come together to:

  1. Make inclusion the norm, putting people at the center of data production, sharing, and use so that their experience is visible, and the power of data is used to fight inequality.
  2. Strengthen national data systems that use data and technology from across the public  and private sector for timely decision making.

  3. Shape how data is governed, ensuring it is accountable to those whom the data is  intended to serve.

We hope you will join us.

Download our strategy and get in touch on to get involved.