Our hundreds of partner organizations are building a body of knowledge that helps the community learn from others' experiences and develop common mechanisms that are more likely to lead to a coherent data ecosystem.

While many of us have become accustomed to regular updates on our operating systems or iterative innovations in the technology we rely upon daily, the public sector is much slower to embrace the new realities of our connected world. Investments in data and infrastructure vary, as do the ways in which citizens use the internet, telecommunications, or social media. Despite these disparities, there are common indicators of 'data maturation', that is how sophisticated organizations are in using data to improve public services and statistics.

The Data Roadmaps project aims to characterize those common stages, using a framework to help government institutions to overcome common barriers of leveraging data for sustainable development. The resources labelled 'Data4SDGs Toolbox' came out of this process. Others are contributed by partners that recognize a common need and are able to share insight and expertise.

To navigate the resources, search by Sustainable Development Goal, topic, country, and more. Please let us know if there are other types of resources or topics that would inform your work.