The Presidential Agency for International Cooperation of Colombia, APC-Colombia, aims to manage, guide and technically coordinate public, private, technical and financial non-reimbursable international cooperation received and granted by the country; as well as to execute, administer and support the channeling and execution of international cooperation resources, programs and projects, in accordance with foreign policy objectives and the National Development Plan. Therefore, in 2030 APC-Colombia expects to consolidate its position as a technical leader for the management of international cooperation based on the generation of trust and commitment with the actors of the Colombian National System of International Cooperation (SNCI) to contribute to the country's development priorities with emphasis on the territorial scope.

Priorities as a partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

From the Agency we recognize the value of data in the management of international cooperation in Colombia, seeking to produce quality information that can be used to identify the needs of communities and territories to better focus cooperation initiatives carried out in the country, helping to generate greater contributions to the achievement of the SDGs both in Colombia and with partners with whom we cooperate in Latin America, Asia and Africa. This is why we are committed to strengthening data management in cooperation in general, but especially in South-South Cooperation, where there are no unified standards for the collection and processing of data to subsequently quantify and present the contribution of SSC to development. We are working to promote inter-regional initiatives in the Global South to improve data management capabilities that will result in greater effectiveness for the initiatives we carry out in international cooperation.