We're thrilled to introduce our second cohort of six Data Values Advocates from around the world. These advocates will lead local efforts to promote and implement Data Values and change how we think about and use data, ensuring it benefits everyone equally.

The response to our second call for applications was extremely positive, highlighting an extraordinary level of passion, interest, and drive among international grassroots leaders. In just a month, we received more than 600 applications from 96 countries. As we move forward, the Data Values Project remains committed to amplifying grassroots voices and fostering meaningful action, with further engagements and implementation activities planned for 2024.

When forming this cohort, an intersectional lens was applied, considering applicants' ideas, enthusiasm, and blend of grassroots advocacy and data-related expertise. This intentional selection process ensures that our advocates are well-equipped to drive tangible change within their communities.

Meet our 2024 Data Values Advocates

The 2024 Data Values Advocates cohort includes people from Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and South America. Over the next few months, the advocates will co-develop a project plan and implement the Data Values Manifesto in their local contexts. They will also have the opportunity to lead and shape prominent communications, advocacy activities, and events, and to travel to a global conference as part of the Data Values movement.

Ronald Kasule is a disability rights and inclusion activist from Uganda. He is dedicated to empowering persons with disabilities through assistive technologies and inclusive data advocacy. 

"Achieving a fairer data future is crucial to me to ensure that persons with disabilities are not just seen but heard, influencing policies and practices with their unique perspectives, leading to a more inclusive and equitable society." 

Rubina Adhikari is a data, climate, and environmental advocate based in Nepal. She is dedicated to making a significant impact on global environmental policies and practices and ensuring the inclusion of young voices in the data and policy-making process. 

"Fairer data is vital for paving the way towards development, especially in the least developed countries, by unlocking potential and granting all individuals, regardless of background, access to opportunities for a better, more inclusive future." 

Navina Mutabazi is a young feminist from Tanzania who is passionate about data and digital transformation in the Global South. She is also passionate about data privacy, the uptake of AI, and how these topics can impact women and young girls, especially in rural communities in Africa.

"Achieving a fairer data future is crucial to me as it ensures marginalized voices, like women and young girls in Africa, are heard and protected. My advocacy work strives to empower them to navigate digital spaces safely and inclusively."

Sara Rocha is a disability and data rights advocate in the United Kingdom. She is passionate about citizen data and ensuring the voices of persons with disabilities are heard and included in data. She also works in the public health data space. 

"For marginalized communities, such as persons with disabilities, where decision-making has overlooked our needs and barriers, data serves as the most important tool in disclosing and contesting systemic oppression on our path to inclusion." 

Ghislain Irakoze is a young social entrepreneur, activist, and researcher from Rwanda. He is passionate about civic tech, data literacy, digital rights, and youth inclusion. He founded Wastezon, a social enterprise that aims to close the digital divide by refurbishing e-waste into low-cost, quality-vetted devices to supply households in Rwanda. 

"A fairer data future can level the playing field, systematically promoting both social and economic equity while reinforcing trust and transparency."

María Paula Hernández Ruiz is a researcher and data and gender activist from Colombia. Currently studying in Australia, Maria is exploring how quantitative gender data is the product of social relationships and how data can build a fairer world for everyone, especially those whose data are used to produce statistics. 

"We create data all the time, but it serves few of us. If we can make it fairer and more equitable, we could become our own best advocates."

Learn more about the new Data Values Advocates Program and get involved with the Data Values Project

The Data Values Advocates Program is a core part of the #DataValues Campaign, a global movement working to create a fairer data future and to ensure that those most affected by today's unequal data processes are at the forefront of shaping a more equitable world. 

The Data Values Advocates program allows people, especially those often marginalized or from underrepresented communities, to have a voice in data and participate meaningfully in how data is designed, collected, managed and used. It also allows people to be at the forefront of positive change in how data systems and policies are governed. Since launching the program in late 2022, the Global Partnership has supported seven community activists in carrying out and implementing data values in their communities. In 2024, we will support six new advocates in our second cohort.

The impact of our first cohort of advocates highlights the transformative potential of community-led action and what it truly means to bring to life and act on data values. The advocates' work created a tangible impact and served as a catalyst, supporting others to engage and advocate for more equitable data practices.

The program is also committed to sustaining a community of passionate individuals dedicated to promoting equitable, ethical, and responsible data systems. As part of our efforts to maintain and engage our growing advocate community beyond the duration of the program, we also formed the Data Values Advocate Alumni Network, where past advocates can continue to engage and gain support to demand a fairer data future.

Interested in learning more about the Data Values Project and how you can get involved? Sign up for the campaign mailing list to learn about more opportunities and moments in the Data Values Project and explore our Data Values Manifesto.