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The Data Values campaign is a global movement to challenge power structures in data to ensure that we all share in the benefits from its collection and use. We’re a community of people from more than 60 countries working to create a fairer data future. 



Meet the 2024 #DataValues Advocates

Learn more about our second cohort of #DataValues Advocates and their work in local communities around the world to create a fair data future for all.

Ghislain Irakoze, Data Values Advocate
Ghislain Irakoze, Data Values Advocate, Rwanda

Ghislain Irakoze is a social entrepreneur, activist, and researcher. He founded Wastezon, a social enterprise on the mission of closing the digital divide by refurbishing e-waste into low-cost, quality-vetted devices. So far, Wastezon has digitized over 3500 Rwandan households. Ghislain is a former Research Fellow at the World Wide Web Foundation and has carried out consultant assignments with the EU Commission. Ghislain sits on the Global Greengrants Fund’s Next Gen Climate Board board and is a former EU Commission’s Youth Sounding Board member.

María Paula Hernández Ruiz, Data Values Advocate
María Paula Hernández Ruiz, Data Values Advocate, Australia

Originally from Colombia, Maria's background in anthropology and development studies has led her to assume a PhD candidature at La Trobe University. Her research is about how quantitative gender data is the product of social relationships. Maria brings an outsider’s critical view to how data can build worlds that are fairer for everyone, especially those whose data are used to produce statistics. Besides this, Maria is also a singer, a partner, and a proud daughter.

Navina Mutabazi, Data Values Advocate
Navina Mutabazi, Data Values Advocate, Tanzania

Navina is a young feminist passionate about digital innovations and transformation in the Global South while based in Tanzania. With a major in public administration management, she embraces the growth of technology to ensure that it drives development across Africa. Her previous work has involved promoting digital safety and security through upskilling +200 women, youth, and human rights defenders on pressing issues of digital safety, and security and debunking misinformation/disinformation on the internet in Africa. Navina is now a postgraduate student, where in her extra time she focuses on using public dialogues/events to advocate for a safe and inclusive internet. Currently, she is interested in exploring emerging topics such as Data Privacy/Protection and uptake of AI and how these topics can be crucial to women, and young girls, especially in rural communities in Africa.

Ronald Kasule, Data Values Advocate
Ronald Kasule, Data Values Advocate, Uganda

Ronald Kasule, CEO of Dasuns and UNFPA Disability Inclusion Specialist in Uganda, is dedicated to empowering Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) through Assistive Technologies and inclusive data advocacy. With experience in development policies and a background in educational planning and community development, he focuses on integrating disability indicators into data processes. As a Data Values Advocate, Ronald aims to enhance PWDs' data literacy and participation, ensuring their voices influence inclusive policies.

Rubina Adhikari, Data Values Advocate
Rubina Adhikari, Data Values Advocate, Nepal

Rubina Adhikari, a forestry graduate, has been actively contributing to the environmental and climate change sector for the past three years. Currently serving as an intern at the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD), and also holds the role of a youth ambassador for the Asian Development Bank, where she represents the voices of young people during their annual meeting and organize youth symposium. Rubina's commitment to environmental advocacy extends to her position as a country coordinator for Gross International Nature, through which she endeavors to highlight the environmental dynamics of the Global South. Her work across these roles is driven by a passion for ensuring the inclusion of young voices in the policy-making process, unfurling local led adaptations aiming to foster a more sustainable and equitable future. With an ultimate goal of becoming an environmental analyst, Rubina is dedicated to making a significant impact on global environmental policies and practices.

Sara Rocha, Data Values Advocate
Sara Rocha, Data Values Advocate, United Kingdom

Sara Rocha is a Portuguese advocate with multiple disabilities and the Vice-chair of the European Disability Forum Women's Committee. She is also Vice-president of the European Council of Autistic People, co-founder and President of Voz do Autista in Portugal, and works as a public health data manager for the School of Clinical Medicine at the University of Cambridge.

Meet our Program Alumni

Learn more about our first cohort of #DataValues Advocates and the work they are doing in their local communities. They are now part of our Advocate Alumni Network, where they can continue to engage and gain support to build a fairer data future.

A black woman with short hair facing the camera. She appears to be blind.
Angeline Akai Lodi, Data Values Advocate Alumni, Kenya

Angeline Akai Lodi is a disability rights advocate committed to promoting a barrier free society where everyone is treated with dignity. She is from Kenya and a teacher by profession. Angeline has participated widely in national and international conferences on disability inclusion and served persons with disabilities as their representative in Tharaka Nithi County from 2013 to 2017. She is currently a Data Values Advocate engaged to promoting an inclusive, fairer future where no one is left behind.

A young, white woman with long blonde hair wearing a blue suit and smiling at the camera in front of a blue flag with yellow stars.
Benedetta Veneruso, Data Values Advocate Alumni, Estonia

Benedetta Veneruso is the president and founder of the Estonian chapter of the Young European Federalists (JEF). She is currently completing her Master's thesis at the Erasmus Mundus Master of Science in Public Sector Innovation and e-Governance on gender data bias. Benedetta obtained a Bachelor's in Politics & Law at the University of Kent and has previously worked at the European Parliament. She is originally from Italy but currently lives in Estonia.

White man with beard and glasses smiling at the camera.
Daniel Carranza, Data Values Advocate Alumni, Uruguay

Daniel Carranza is an advocate for open data, open government, and civic tech across Latin America. He is the co-founder of Data Uruguay, a civil society organization developing civic tech based on open data, promoting the knowledge and exercise of individual rights and informed decision-making. He is an experienced project manager and consultant on digital government and open data, with a focus on co-creation methodologies with stakeholders and beneficiaries, information architecture, and user experience. He is a co-founder of ABRELATAM/ConDatos that have been central to the creation and development of the Latin American open data community.

An Asian man with short hair smiles slightly at the camera.
Joon B, Data Values Advocate Alumni, USA

Joon B is an advocate for data privacy, digital surveillance, youth empowerment and has experience working in artificial intelligence. Joon is a software engineer originally from Korea and now based in New York City. Joon served in the Republic of Korea army, working in the demilitarized zone between the South and North Korean borders. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science and Physics at Columbia University. Through the Data Values Advocate program, Joon hopes to share a data future that is fair, equitable and just.

A brown-skinned woman with curly black hair in a striped shirt smiles facing the camera.
Mayuri Dhumal, Data Values Advocate Alumni, India

Mayuri Dhumal is a writer and gender activist from India. She works on gender sensitization with communities through Action Research, which led her to be curious about data from margins. She is keen to bring knowledge of language, gender, caste, and ethnicity from the margins to the mainstream. She is a Marathi gender and sexuality educator with a Masters in Literature from Mumbai University.

A black man with short hair smiling at the camera wearing a black hoodie.
Sylvain Obedi, Data Values Advocate Alumni, Democratic Republic of Congo

Sylvain Obedi is a disability rights and climate justice activist. He coordinates efforts to achieve a Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where people with disabilities live a dignified and independent life with a complete understanding of their human rights. Sylvain is currently working to increase people's understanding of the impacts of data and amplify their voices, calling for a more just data future. He is originally from Walikle and currently lives in Goma, DRC. Sylvain holds a bachelor's degree in Domestic and International Public Law from the University of Peace in DRC.

A young, black man with very short hair in a yellow t-shirt facing the camera and smiling slightly.
Yazid Salahudeen Mikaild, Data Values Advocate Alumni, Nigeria

Yazid Mikail is a policy advocate, data scientist, storyteller, and social development professional. He has experience working in policy, community engagement, governance and data. Yazid has an Environmental Education and Community Engagement certificate from Cornel University and a Project Management certificate from the University of Virginia. He is also a fellow at the Oxford School of Climate Change, Civic Changemakers, PRB Youth Multimedia, Solving Public Problem Accelerator Program by The GovLab, the Burnes Center for Social Change, and Click-on Kaduna Data Science.