The National Statistics Office (ONE, for its acronym in Spanish) was created on November 1, 1935, to collect, review, and publish national statistics about economic, agriculture, commercial, industrial, finance, environmental and social activities of the Dominican Republic.

ONE aims to strengthen the country's institutional capacity to produce and disseminate quality and timely official statistics. Currently, its main responsibilities are the implementation of censuses and surveys, the production of national statistics regarding economics, demography, social, cultural, and agriculture, as well as handling the cartographic database, the design and development of research, the coordination of the National Statistical System (NSS), and the implementation of the National Statistical Plan.

ONE produces large amounts of national statistics, disaggregated by geography, and distributed on printed and digital format. Additionally, it creates a wealth of data to support and facilitate decisionmaking for governmental institutions, civil society organizations, private companies, citizens, and international organizations.

Priorities as a partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

The Dominican Republic is pleased to announce its adherence to the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data to define a data roadmap for sustainable development. We are glad to inform the Dominican Republic has been making progress in the implementation of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development through the work carried out by the High-level Interinstitutional Commission for Sustainable Development, appointed by Presidential Decree No. 26-17.