Data4Change works with grassroots organizations to harness the power of data to create projects that forge real change and lasting impact. We are a global network of more than 300 creatives and 70 CSOs (and growing) across 91 countries. Together, we co-create innovative projects and use data storytelling to engage with stakeholders who can help bring about the change we collaboratively seek.

  • We collect: new data and insights on underrepresented and misrepresented topics, building capacity of CSOs to use innovative data collection methodologies to collect data that tells their stories.
  • We coach: CSOs, journalists, and human rights defenders, building data literacy skills at the individual, organization, and community level with an engaging curriculum designed around using data for human rights reporting.
  • We communicate: co-creating high impact story-focused data-driven multi-platform (online and offline) advocacy campaigns with CSOs to amplify their voices.

Priorities as a partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

The Sustainable Development Goals motto is to “leave no one behind”, but in our experience working with at-risk, vulnerable and marginalized communities, much of the national-level data being collected on SDGs implementation does exactly that. Data abounds, but many remain invisible.

With our partners we capture smaller scale, hyperlocal data. These data are real-time snapshots that provide an important counterpoint to “big” data. Through our work we are empowering communities and grassroots organizations to collect their own data and to tell their own stories. We co-create advocacy and communications campaigns with our partners that use data insights to bring about behavioral and institutional change.