This month's interview is with Soraya Husain-Talero, Research Director of Fundación WWB Colombia, an Inclusive Data Charter Champion organization. 

Read the Fundacion WWB Colombia Inclusive Data Action plan here

What does being an Inclusive Data Charter Champion mean to your organization?

Being an IDC Champion holds profound significance for Fundacion WWB Colombia in our mission to address gender inequalities and contribute to women's economic development. It means embracing and reinforcing principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion throughout our data practices and methodologies. It also enables us to engage in meaningful conversations with national and international organizations that are also tackling challenges related to data generation, usage, and communication. 

How does your organization use inclusive data to achieve its mission and vision?

For us, inclusive data is crucial for understanding, analyzing, making visible, and effectively addressing vulnerable populations with an intersectional and gender-focused approach to contribute to closing social gaps. We use inclusive data in all areas of the organization: in the generation, dissemination, and adoption of knowledge, and to make decisions around social impact investments that promote equity.

What inspires you in your work?

What inspires me most is the measurable impact we have made in enhancing the quality of life for women and knowing there's still so much more that we can and should do. Through research and data, we uncover insights that help us understand the dynamics of gender inequalities in different contexts. With this knowledge, we create programs aimed at contributing to women’s autonomy, push for policy changes, and find innovative ways to tackle problems.

Listening to women's stories of overcoming obstacles and achieving their goals motivates me to keep striving for change. Every step we take to lessen gender inequalities brings us closer to a fairer and more inclusive society. 


Learn more about Fundación WWB Colombia here.