We are delighted to announce that the Ministry of Decentralization and Local Development (MINDDEVEL) has joined the Inclusive Data Charter (IDC) and is working towards an action plan as an IDC Champion. 

MINDDEVEL committed to the IDC in March 2024 following a 2-year engagement in an inclusive data localization project alongside Sightsavers, another IDC champion, and other partners. With the support of Sightsavers, Minddevel designed an inclusive local development guide to strengthen its commitment to inclusion. 

MINDDEVEL's objectives on inclusive data aim to take account of all social strata in the planning and implementation of local development by strengthening the collection and use of disaggregated data. 

A key objective under this is to work with the Decentralised Territorial Collectivities (DTCs) to set up a system for collecting and reporting data aligned to Minddevel’s priorities on statistical production, which includes:

  1. Developing a harmonized questionnaire on statistical requirements from the local authorities (local authority staff, social services, infrastructure, governance, etc.);
  2. Drafting of an instruction manual for local statistical focal points
  3. Delivering capacity building and training to DTC statistical focal points
  4. Production and dissemination of a statistical yearbook

The strategic objectives of MINDDEVEL align with the five principles of the Inclusive Data Charter. Read more here 

Stay tuned to read more about MINDDEVEL's IDC action plan and what they are learning in their journey to pursue inclusive development. 

About Minddevel

MINDDEVEL is responsible for creating, monitoring, implementing, and evaluating the Government's decentralization policy and promoting local development in Cameroon. It is responsible for drafting legislation and regulations related to the organization and operation of Decentralized Territorial Authorities and evaluating and monitoring the implementation of decentralization. 

In local development, they are responsible for promoting socio-economic development and good governance within Decentralised Territorial Authorities in Cameroon.