Building data science knowledge, capacity and skills sits at the heart of digital transformation in Africa, enabling innovation and driving better data across the continent.

The Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data and African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) partnered with national statistical offices and ministries across sub-Saharan Africa to run the Data Science Fellowship. The fellowship aimed to strengthen the skills and capacity of institutions to use data science tools and analytics to enhance data and statistical processes and outcomes.

The program ran across Spring and Summer of 2021 and was structured around the following stages: 

  1. Training: AIMS delivered a modular-type comprehensive training that covers basic and advanced data science topics.
  2. Project scoping: Participants from each host institution were asked to select a key project problem from their unit for data science application.
  3. Solution and process co-creation: AIMS alumni members became fellows embedded in partner institutions to support in developing and deepening data science skills and collaborating on a specific project. 
  4. Mentorship: After the initial project phase, fellows continued supporting their host institution through mentoring.

Regular monitoring and learning support from the Global Partnership ensured reflective learning throughout the program.

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