As with many of the global challenges we work to tackle every day, the COVID-19 pandemic requires collective action and a coordinated response. COVID-19 has intensified the urgent need for timely data, and as the virus, and its after effects, continue to spread around the world, the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data is looking towards the data, and we are calling on our network to come together to do what we do best—support each other with vital resources, produce quality data, analyze and use the data, implement good practices, share experiences, or ask for support if you need it. By rallying around action based on facts and science, in the spirit of compassion and collaboration, we can build a better post-COVID world. 

As a network, we know we are uniquely positioned to play a critical role in forming connections and spaces for collaboration during crises. In response, we launched:

  • COVID-19 Data Resource page, which we are constantly updating.
  • The COVID-19: Data for a Resilient Africa initiative in partnership with the UN Economic Commission for Africa. Through this initiative, we are engaging in 22 countries across Africa, have built a roster of 31 data suppliers globally, and have developed partnerships between governments, stakeholders in need of timely data and insights, and data providers in 10 countries. Examples of partnerships include the development of COVID-19 data dashboards at the national level and rapid agriculture data collection mechanisms to address exacerbated food security concerns.
  • A website specifically for national statistical offices, in partnership with the UN Statistics Division and Open Data Watch, to providing guidance and resources on how to continue essential operations and respond to new demands in the current situation.
  • Electronic mailing lists for national statistical offices, to provide an easy-to-use medium to share experiences.