Advancing Statistical Excellence

As part of its institutional reengineering efforts, the National Institute of Statistics of Paraguay (INE-PY) is actively establishing a cutting-edge data lab. This lab will harness advanced techniques, including satellite imagery, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning, to explore major statistical advancements. The primary goal is to develop high-quality, reliable, and timely statistics.

By optimizing time and costs, INE-PY aims to position itself at the forefront of statistical processes. The lab’s mission extends beyond internal efficiency—it seeks to deliver relevant information that informs public policy decisions. Additionally, the center will foster national capabilities in advanced statistical techniques, promoting more effective and efficient processes.

Although the project is still in its early planning stages, it holds great promise for Paraguay’s statistical landscape.

This learning exchange which is an off-shoot of the learning exchange between Colombia, Ghana, and Kenya in April, 2024, provides an opportunity for INE-PY to learn from the Kenya Bureau of Statistics' experience in setting up and running their data center.