The Philippine Statistics Authority's (PSA) mission is to deliver relevant, reliable statistics, and civil registration services to our client and stakeholders.

The PSA adheres to the UN Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics in the production of quality general-purpose statistics and commits to deliver civil registration services in accordance with the laws, rules and regulations, and other statutory requirements.

The PSA endeavours to live by the established core values and corporate personality of the PSA and adopt the appropriate technology in the development of our products and delivery of services.

The PSA commits to continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System to ensure equitable development towards improved quality of life for all.

Priorities as an Inclusive Data Charter Champion:

By committing to the IDC, the Philippine Statistical System (PSS) will be properly guided with various principles to strengthen its capacity and enhance its resources to produce and disseminate SDG indicators with relevant disaggregation. This endeavor will be done by engaging the government in a development agenda and also by seeking political support from high level officials. In addition, having an action plan related to the IDC will give the PSS a concrete basis for scaling up its data ecosystem that will be responsive in the monitoring of the SDGs.

PSA's IDC Action Plan

PSA's 2019 IDC Monitoring Report.

Priorities as a partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), in line with its commitment to develop and provide the needed data support to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), will conduct the Country Workshop on the Philippine Data Revolution Roadmap for the Sustainable Development Goals on 5-6 October 2016.

The Country Workshop, in collaboration with the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data, will serve as a venue for the discussion of various innovations, tools and techniques towards building a Philippine/Country Data Revolution Roadmap for the SDGs. The Roadmap will serve as a guide to the Philippine Statistical System (PSS) in the implementation of various statistical development programs until 2030 towards the generation of statistics on the SDGs and will be made an integral part of the next edition of the Philippine Statistical Development Program.

The Workshop will be participated in by member agencies of the PSA Board and other agencies in the PSS, academe, local and international companies, development partners and representatives from other countries’ national statistical offices.