The United AI Alliance is working to drive environmental and social progress using AI and empower the countries’ national statistical offices by providing AI hardware, training for data scientists and ecosystem support.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can play a key role in helping countries around the world to solve challenges related to census reporting, climate science, and healthcare.

Yet in many underserved communities across Africa, access to proper data science equipment and training is lacking. To address this, a number of industry-leading organizations have come together to create the United AI Alliance.

This initiative is working with governments and developer communities in 10 nations to deliver data science training and technology to support more informed policymaking and accelerate how resources are allocated. 

Looking ahead the initiative is working to:

  • Expand program reach with 10 additional countries in Africa and Latin America, focusing on climate action.
  • Create partnerships with state and local governments around climate action, infrastructure digitization and healthcare.
  • Conduct fundraising campaigns and catalog launches with foundations, development banks and OECD nations.
  • Broaden its partner network by looking for individuals and organizations eager to provide financial assistance, AI consulting/education, equipment donations (hardware/software), and onsite support.

The initiative is supported by a coalition of leading partners including the United Nations (UN) Economic Commission for Africa, NVIDIA, the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data, Future Tech Enterprise, Inc., AWS, MIT, Bentley, and more.

United AI Alliance Two-Pager

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