Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Conference Room 8

United Nations Headquarters

New York, NY

Understanding the spatial distribution of human settlements, population, and infrastructure is vital to all of the SDGs and many SDG targets and indicators, especially with regard to leaving no one behind. The diverse data communities who develop and use georeferenced population and infrastructure data in diverse applications have begun to collaborate through the POPGRID Data Collaborative to address the needs of the sustainable development community for more spatially accurate, consistent, up-to-date, and multi-dimensional data.

During this official side event of the UN Statistical Commission’s 50th session, POPGRID will engage NSOs and the broader statistics community in a dialogue about data needs, priorities, and challenges. The side event will provide an overview of POPGRID and engage attendees in conversation on new technological methods for population monitoring.


Robert Chen, Director, CIESIN

Roger Shulungu Runika, Director General, L'Institut National de la Statistique (INS), Democratic Republic of Congo

Pablo Salazar Canelos, Regional Population and Development Advisor, UNFPA Regional Office in Panama

Lisa Bersales, National Statistician of the Philippines

Claire Melamed, CEO, Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

Jessica Espey, Director, TReNDS

See full concept note here (PDF, 300KB)

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