Antimicrobials, including antibiotics, underpin modern healthcare. But they are becoming less and less effective because of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). There is a lack of data on AMR, limiting our understanding of its threat, reducing communicating the urgency of the crisis and slowing down both national and global efforts to address AMR effectively. Citizen-generated data (CGD) can play a crucial role in plugging these gaps, supporting citizens to take action on AMR, and spurring data-driven action by political leaders. 

The Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data has been collaborating with Africa's Voices Foundation to generate and disseminate insights on AMR in Kenya using CGD. The study, funded by the Wellcome Trust, involved a combination of interactive radio shows and SMS messages, listening group discussions and interviews across three counties in Kenya: Kiambu, Kilifi and Bungoma. The event shared the findings and framed the role and value of citizen-generated data as a key source of data in tackling AMR. While the findings and recommendations are for a Kenyan context, these insights have broad applications in other countries.