The Sustainable Development Goals Guide from the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) shows how to get started implementing the SDGs. It includes three chapters that explain the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, show how to begin implementation and offer strategies and tools to achieve the SDGs. The guide primarily assists national and local policy­makers, but it is also aimed at businesses, civil society and universities. The guide draws on experiences pursuing the Millennium Development Goals and offers concrete guidance to countries on how to domesticate the SDGs according to local needs and priorities.


This guide has been written primarily for:

  • SDSN member institutions, notably universities
  • Businesses trying to get oriented around the SDGs
  • National and local policy makers responsible for thinking through the implementation of the SDG agenda
  • Citizens and civic groups


To track the 17 SDGs, each country will need to reflect on its own starting points to determine how to best implement the SDG agenda. With limited resources, countries must determine which of the 229 indicators of the 169 targets should be prioritized for implementation. The SDG Guide offers helps governments at the national, subnational and sectoral levels begin the process of operationalizing and achieving the SDGs.

The SDG Guide focuses on the first steps towards implementing the SDGs. The guide is intended to support multi­-stakeholder discussions on achieving the SDGs within a broad range of contexts. SDSNs at national and regional levels will help to initiate these discussions and mobilize knowledge institutions, such as universities, to offer support.

To find out more, please go to the SDG Guide's website. A PDF version of the SDG Guide is also available for download.


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