WikiRate's mission is to spur corporations to be transparent and responsive by making data about their social and environmental impacts accessible, comparable, and free for all. We are achieving this by gathering and organizing open data about companies’ performance, making sustainability data more usable, and enabling meaningful engagements among stakeholders to hold companies accountable.

WikiRate uses technology and crowd-sourcing to bring together key open sustainability data for policy makers, researchers, advocacy organizations and others to use. The platform serves as a database for partner research organizations, and provides creative commons open licensing to all the data and research tools.

Priorities as a partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

In order to understand and improve companies contributions to achieving the SDGs, a common evidence base needs to exist for governments, investors, and citizens alike to conduct analyses and generate insights. The WikiRate platform exists as a research tool and database, creating an archive of company sustainability that can be used to engage citizens and institutions in the efforts to achieve a sustainable world.

WikiRate aggregates relevant standards (metrics), and open data on private sector sustainability to the framework of the SDGs, by engaging students, technologists and researchers among others in collecting and analyzing corporate sustainability reports, government databases, and other public sources. This work generates new, structured data that is used to develop insights into company impacts.

The flexibility of the WikiRate platform allows anyone to set-up new research projects that feed into and scale collective objectives. This approach connects citizen-generated insights to policy-makers, companies, and others, in a useful format. WikiRate data can then connect to apps and partner websites to draw attention to the most relevant topics for companies in the country, region or according to industry. Data visualizations and analytics drive further engagement and insights drawn from comparing company impacts.

Today, over 3,000 researchers have taken part in collective research projects on the WikiRate platform. Within the SDG research program, WikiRate prioritizes the engagement of universities and students, in particular business students, to empower youth to contribute their voices to the debate and knowledge around the SDGs. Annually, more than fourteen universities in twelve countries around the world are incorporating open data research into classrooms by working with WikiRate.