Tech Matters’ mission is to see the benefits of technology flow to all of humanity, not just the richest five percent. We are a nonprofit strategic technology organization, identifying leverage points where technology can help hundreds or thousands of social sector organizations collaborate around solving a common social or environmental problem.

Actively collaborating both with nonprofit organizations and the communities being served, Tech Matters looks for opportunities where open data standards and open technology can deliver massive social returns on resources invested.

Priorities as a partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

Tech Matters is developing Terraso: the missing software tools and infrastructure that let communities chart their own futures in the face of immense climate challenges. Discussions of climate change tend to focus at the international and national levels. However, most of the decisions affecting real outcomes (climate, biodiversity, and human welfare) are made at the community level.

Among other goals, Terraso seeks to deliver community data infrastructure to provide local custody of data about the "place", and manage decisions about data aggregation and sharing.