Public Affairs Centre (PAC) in Bangalore, India, is a not-for-profit organization established in 1994, dedicated to improving the quality of governance.

PACs strength is its ability to provide strategic direction for long-term projects, with across the board support ranging from concept definition, methodology and research-design, plans for implementation, monitoring and evaluation and further on to measure the output, outcomes and impact of interventions. PAC has constantly built innovative tools and methodologies to suit specific requirements and aligned to dynamically changing needs of social development.

Based on its foundational strength in evidence based research, experience with assessment-instruments and survey-tools; and, understanding of government policy and public schemes; PAC can offer high quality of inputs, advice and support to building institutional-frameworks that are capable to match needs of the populace and effectively deliver services.

PAC has assessed the service delivery of various government public schemes. These programmes sought to ascertain the gaps by undertaking multi-perspective analysis involving all the relevant stakeholders in the process, including the beneficiaries (demand-side) and the departments / officials (provider-side); and, thereafter to better align the scheme interventions to match the requirements. Our intricate praxis with such social accountability instruments will be a key advantage in execution of this project.

PAC Vision: In pursuit of realizing its vision to improve the quality of public governance in India by creating vibrant, informed and proactive citizen engagements with the state and its institutions, Public Affairs Centre's mission encompasses a multi-pronged approach synthesizing a range of strategies and interventions.

PAC Mission: The pivotal points of PAC's mission, around which the activities of the Centre are organized are: public policy research and advocacy; participatory research on governance and social accountability including monitoring and evaluation of public services and programmes; citizen action support; civic education of children and youth; promoting citizen centred environmental governance and capacity enhancement of both the state and civil society.

PAC has commitment to actions that ensure social and environmental responsibility. And, further our focus is on the promotion of such action based on transparency, participatory and accountability processes.

Priorities as a partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

Public Affairs Centre (PAC) is committed to improving the Good Governance - by enhancing Transparency, Accountability, and Participatory practices. PAC seeks to enhance (for public use) the availability, reliability, and usability of government-related data/information through advocacy. PAC facilitates a collaborative, integrative, and multi-stakeholder approach for developing data solutions. PAC promotes and uses open-source technology and platforms for primary-data gathering, for citizen-led feedback, and monitoring of public programs. PAC is focused on providing evidence-based recommendations for informed decision making in public policy.