Powered by Data's mission is to maximize the availability and impact of data for public good. Through an approach that blends data policy and data strategy development, Powered by Data helps establish infrastructure and governance frameworks that will enable the social sector to better share, use, and learn from data. Powered by Data works with charities, non-profits and civil society groups, government, funders, and global data initiatives.

Priorities as a partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

In February 2017, Powered by Data hosted Transform the Sector, Canada’s first national conference on the digital data needs of the social sector. Through this event, Powered by Data convened data experts, policy innovators, and social sector leaders for a day of learning, networking, and strategizing on how the social sector can increase its impact through the use of data while minimizing the risks. The conversations during the conference and the feedback afterward communicated the need for a sector level movement to increase the data capacity of both organizations and the broader sector itself.

Since the 2017 conference, Powered by Data has led development of a social sector Data Policy Coalition and worked with multiple organizations and government departments on data infrastructure and governance for social impact. The Data Policy Coalition convenes nonprofit advocacy groups, service providers, and funders to advance ethical and responsible use of government-held administrative data to enhance evidence-based, data-driven implementation of programs that contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.


This Partner Works to Achieve These SDGs