Demographics, natural resources, climate, digital divide: many questions arise for the individual as well as for the planet, particularly in terms of the digital revolution, which throws our future lifestyles into question. Listening to these major societal issues, Orange has developed an approach to innovation in the form of a commitment: human beings as the starting and finishing point for all of our activities. This is the essence of our "Human inside" philosophy, which guides us every day to ensure that everyone becomes an active participant in, and can benefit from, a digital world.

Priorities as a partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

Orange Group is implementing Data for Development (D4D) projects with its subsidiaries and partners, Orange in Ivory Coast and Orange Sonatel in Senegal.

We commit to continuing to implement these projects on the ground, aiming to identify effective solutions for local stakeholders, both institutional and “grass root”, and to identify safe and sustainable economic models. Provided these models are found towards the end of 2015, we commit to further developing solutions and infrastructure, helping to develop a local “Data for Development” ecosystem with supply and demand partners. We further hope to be able to initiate a private and public set of markets, which we consider a critical condition to make this field viable and able to grow in the longer term.