New Light Technologies (NLT), a small business based in Washington, D.C., provides comprehensive information technology solutions for clients in government, commercial, and non-profit sectors.

NLT specializes in DevOps enterprise-scale systems integration, development, management, and staffing, and offers a unique range of capabilities from infrastructure modernization and cloud computing to big data analytics, geospatial information systems, and the development of software and web-based visualization platforms.

Priorities as a partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

NLT has been working with several divisions at the World Bank Group with the aim to develop innovative remote sensing methods that are designed to help countries monitor their progress towards achieving the SDGs. This includes using nighttime light data to monitor economic activity and poverty, mapping urbanization processes and urban sprawl, mapping deforestation processes in global scales, understanding issues related to food security (by mapping changes in agriculture land productivity) and developing methods to understand remote sensing can be used to facilitate sustainable urban planning.

Our staff are also increasing the mastery of partner institutions abroad through workshops that provide participants with remote sensing skills and analytical tool sets for analysis of satellite data, including image interpretation and image classification, primarily in Google Earth Engine.

Finally, NLT has developed several workshops for capacity building in developing countries, training agencies how to utilize free and open source satellite imagery and computational platforms to monitor the SDGs.