Measure for Impact (MfI) is a M&E-oriented not-for-profit comprising evaluators and enumerators committed to providing data to evidence socioeconomic development. MfI works with government institutions to enhance the M&E capacity of the country; produce accurate and timely data; and work on the adoption and implementation of legislation that will ensure security, availability, and more access to data.

Priorities as a partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

Through partnerships with data sources and data producers, we ensure national data availability by contributing to credible and timely national statistics, increase access to data, and promote data openness. We conduct qualitative and quantitative assessments; research; surveys; evaluations of national hypotheses, projects, initiatives, public corporations, and corporate responsibilities; and, public satisfaction of public-private businesses and public agencies, to produce insights through viable reports aimed at informing socio-economic developmental decisions.