The Index Project is a Danish non-profit organisation founded in 2002. Our focus is on the intersection between design and impact, what we call 'design to improve life'.

The Index Award

Our largest initiative, The Index Award, is an international biennale that celebrates the best and brightest people using design to solve society’s most critical problems. Since 2005, the award has recognized some of the world's most impactful and iconic designs — from tiny tools that diagnose disease to environmental moonshots saving our most vulnerable ecosystems. The Index Award is not just about upholding great designs but about celebrating diversity, inspiring hope and acting as a catalyst for groundbreaking innovation.


Each award cycle we receive hundreds, sometimes thousands, of nominations, which are boiled down to just six winners. But, while we believe it's important to celebrate the best, we do not think the impact should stop there. The Design to Improve Life Fund is a connector between changemakers and purposeful capital – investing in selected cases from The Index Award pipeline. We identify these exceptional companies, from Seed to Series B+, and provide an exclusive opportunity to co-invest alongside leading international investors.

Tools & Knowledge

How do you ensure people dedicate their creative skills to worthy causes? You put 'design to improve life' on the learning agenda. Since 2011, we have educated thousands across the globe on design thinking, innovation and sustainability in partnership with municipalities, institutions and businesses. We offer our tools and certified methods through workshops that can be customized to fit any context, interest or focus.

Priorities as a partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

The Index Project is committed to analyzing data from our Index Award nominations, and combining it with real-time data on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to find the best solutions to the most present matters globally.