Since 2005, Global Voice Group's mission has been to assist governments, regulators, central banks, and other key authorities to achieve their objectives with the right digital tools.

Global Voice Group (GVC) assists governments to increase efficiency, revenue, and transparency and compliance, through intelligent big data solutions applied to vital sectors of the economy, including telecoms, fintech and the whole mobile and digital ecosystem.

GVC collects and analyzes big data and turn it into actionable information. GVC enables data-driven decision making.

Priorities as a partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

Global Voice Group, as partner of the Global Partnership, has as a priority to share its expertise in the analysis of big data with national statistical offices across Africa. We also aim to support decision-making while ensuring that policies, resources, and technology are deployed in the right place and time so that Africans receive the greatest benefit possible.

GVG’s is looking forward to collaborate with the Global Partnership in a wide range of areas, including training and capacity development, technology and connectivity, and financial resources.