The Equal Rights Trust (ERT) is an independent international organization whose mission is to eliminate all forms of discrimination and ensure that everyone can participate in society on an equal basis. They work in partnership with equality defenders – civil society organizations (CSOs), lawyers, government representatives and others committed to using law to create an equal world – providing them with the technical, strategic and practical support they need to work for the adoption and implementation of comprehensive equality laws. In connection with this work, ERT engage with international, regional and domestic governmental and non-governmental stakeholders and partners to increase knowledge and understanding of equality law and its role in the realization of other rights and development.

Priorities as an Inclusive Data Charter Champion

The Equal Rights Trust seeks to collaborate with others to improve the quality and availability of inclusive and disaggregated data. Through such collaboration, ERT aims to build understanding and recognition of the importance of data collection in the Equal Rights Approach to Sustainable Development, and on the need to develop the capacity of state actors to use data to assess the equality impacts of their policies on human rights and development.