Data Innovators helps organizations push data boundaries to create positive futures. It specializes in M&E, research and learning, digital data solutions, and project implementation as it relates to data use and practices. Building the data capabilities of our partners and clients is a core value, as it is a service, of our organization.

Priorities as a partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

Data Innovators works with civil society organizations, donor agencies, NGOs, and the public sector to strengthen their M&E, research, and learning systems and practices through fit-for-purpose data digital solutions. In addition to providing advisory services in the areas of health, education, early childhood development, and youth skills & training, organizations in South Africa and across the continent leverage our flagship products and programs, such as ImpactBoard and Data Artistry.

ImpactBoard, our proprietary data management tool, supports the development sector by collecting, integrating, monitoring, and reporting impact data. Our aim is for organizations to share program datasets through ImpactBoard. Through this sharing and engagement, stakeholders are able to create a more holistic and pragmatic view of the development landscape, as well as be more informed about communities' assets and needs on the ground. ImpactBoard is affordable, accessible across devices, and supports app integration.

Data Innovators also offers a data skills development program, Data Artistry. Data Artistry empowers development officers, implementation teams, and M&E practitioners to communicate data effectively through data visualizations. The program consists of facilitated workshops, team projects, coaching, and mentoring, as well as access to our online resources. Data Artistry has been used in organizations in South Africa and across the continent.