Share your thoughts on the direction of the network!

The world stands at the SDG midpoint. While there are pockets of progress to be celebrated and replicated, in many places progress is going backwards, driven by COVID aftershocks, global economic downturns, war, politics and climate change. The current state of the world makes data all the more important for finding the solutions we need. And a network that bridges the fragmentation across data producers and users, all the more critical.

In this Town Hall, CEO Claire Melamed will share the trends we are observing across the data for development community and the Global Partnership's proposed goals for the next 5 years in response to these. We will then hear from you: does this direction resonate with your experience? Is it ambitious enough to meet our shared challenges ahead? How could we focus our work to have the biggest impact?

Your inputs will feed into a new draft that will be shared widely, with our final strategy adopted at our Festival de Datos in November in Uruguay. We hope you will accompany us on our journey to set a new direction for the Partnership.

Claire Melamed

Claire Melamed

Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data