Event Overview
In collaboration with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data is pleased to announce an exclusive four-day workshop in Accra, Ghana, aimed at advancing land degradation neutrality (LDN) across Africa. This invitation-only event will convene selected experts, policymakers, and practitioners from Ghana, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and Nigeria.

Under the Africa Climate and Health Data Capacity Accelerator Network (CAN), this workshop will share best practices, lessons learned, and tools for monitoring and achieving LDN. Participants will engage in comprehensive training on the LDN toolbox, foster regional cooperation, and develop actionable plans tailored to their countries' needs.

Under the CAN program, the Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) initiative aims to capacitate relevant actors to use data to monitor land degradation and strive towards LDN. The initiative, hosted by GIZ, has embedded fellows in government and social impact organizations in Ghana, DRC, and Nigeria, aiming to improve ecosystem services, enhance food security, increase resilience, and reinforce inclusive land governance.

Workshop Objectives

  • Complete training on the LDN toolbox
  • Facilitate information sharing on land degradation and land use decisions
  • Exchange country-specific information and experiences
  • Capture the impact and lessons learned from LDN CAN initiatives
  • Build capacity and accelerate efforts toward achieving LDN

Agenda Highlights

Day 1: Introduction to LDN and Country Fellowship Showcases

  • Opening remarks by Global Partnership, GIZ, and RCMRD
  • Presentation of workshop objectives and participant expectations
  • Introduction to the LDN toolbox
  • Country presentations on LDN initiatives from DRC, Ghana, and Nigeria
  • Round-table discussion on lessons learned

Day 2: LDN Toolbox Training

  • Hands-on training sessions on using the LDN toolbox

Days 3 & 4: Action Planning

  • Development of country-specific action plans for achieving LDN

Expected Outcomes
The workshop aims to strengthen the capacity of participating countries in implementing and scaling up LDN initiatives. It will also foster regional cooperation and knowledge sharing, contributing to the global goal of achieving land degradation neutrality.

This event will bring together a select group of stakeholders from DRC, Ghana, and Nigeria, including government officials, environmental scientists, community leaders, and representatives from non-governmental organizations working on LDN.