PRB harnesses the power of population data to inform and advance solutions to the most urgent challenges facing our world to improve the well-being of people globally.

Their demographers and global health experts work to make data understandable so it can inform policy development, programming, and planning by decisionmakers, the private sector, and civil society actors. They bring these groups together to create space for policy dialogue, and they work collaboratively with local organizations and advocates so community members can lead and set priorities on the issues they know best, in the contexts they know best. Their focus areas include the environment and climate adaptation, equity, gender equality, family planning and reproductive health, inequality and poverty, youth, and more.

Priorities as a partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

PRB is driven by three fundamental beliefs: facts matter, good data are critical to effective decisions and policies, and the most powerful solutions emerge when we work together and learn from one another.

They are committed to providing the right information in the right formats at the right time to researchers, advocates, policymakers, and others who can use it to advance solutions that lead to healthier families and more resilient communities. Through their trainings, convenings, and partnerships, they create networks to build skills and exchange information and ideas at all levels—local, district, national, regional, and international. In these ways, they contribute toward a common understanding of complex issues and the steps decisionmakers can take to change policies and improve lives.