One of the major ways that the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data contributes to the data for development community is by generating learning and evidence from the work we do with partners, to inform practices and policies across the network. Learning is central to the success of our current five-year strategy, and it is one of the three key levers of change through which we have impact in the world.   

We approach this role in an iterative way – as our strategy puts it, “we don’t know everything,” and we will need to “approach our work humbly and in a spirit of questioning, prepared to adapt our approach as we learn.”

With this spirit in mind, we are pleased to announce that, as we approach our fifth anniversary, we have commissioned an evaluation of our work. This will help us make sure that, as we enter the next phase of our work, we are learning the right lessons to be as effective as possible in supporting partners to make impact in the world. 

The evaluation is being carried out by Itad, a UK-based consultancy firm. We have been working with them over the last year to design the right framework for the evaluation, and they will be spending the next few months carrying out a comprehensive review of the available evidence and speaking with key informants from among our partners, and our secretariat itself.

During the summer, the evaluation team will be visiting some of our partner countries and speaking with many of you to better understand the Global Partnership's role in strengthening the data for development ecosystem.

More immediately, we will be launching our annual partner’s survey, which will form part of the data collection for the evaluation this year. Our partners will notice that, whilst the core questions of the normal survey are the same, a range of evaluation-specific questions have been included.

The Itad team is keen to ensure the evaluation reflects the priorities, views, and interests of the Global Partnership, including its partners, and this survey is an important way of achieving this.

The evaluation team will be generating insights and learning throughout 2020 for discussion with the secretariat, before preparing a final evaluation report at the end of the year. We’ll be sharing and discussing the ongoing findings with many of you, and always welcome questions and insights from your work to inform the process. We will publish a summary of the evaluation findings and recommendations at the end of the year.

Have questions or comments you'd like to share? Feel free to send us an email - we'll get back to you shortly.