On May 1, Hewlett Foundation launched a call for proposals for African Policy Research Institutions to Advance Government Use of Evidence.

While this call is focused on East and West African policy research centers, one of the goals is to support their work to advance the data revolution. The Hewlett Foundation hopes to help break down silos among organizations working in policy research, data, and impact evaluation, including through partnerships.  

Deadline for first-round applications is June 15 via the online application platform.

The Hewlett Foundation’s Evidence-Informed Policymaking strategy focuses on an ambitious, long-term goal: governments systematically use evidence to improve social and economic policies over time. Based on our experience as a partner in the ten-year Think Tank Initiative, we recognize African policy research institutions as critical to evidence-informed policymaking in their region. They are not only integral to informing specific policies with the research they produce; they also are well-positioned to advance a broader culture and practice of evidence-informed policymaking.

The purpose of this call is to identify and support African policy research organizations that want to help strengthen the capacities, motivations, and processes necessary for government actors to use many forms of evidence in policymaking, not just evidence from their own organizations. We also hope to see African policy research organizations more deeply connect with the broader field of actors working to advance evidence-informed policymaking in East and West Africa.

The Hewlett Foundation will accept proposals from single African policy research organizations, or from multiple organizations (maximum of three) working collaboratively on a joint project. For multiple-organization collaborations, an African policy research institution must serve as the lead organization and may partner with whichever organizations it chooses.

Got questions? Check out the proposal process FAQs.