A tool that harnesses the latest Earth observation and satellite technology to help Kenya, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Ghana, and Tanzania address food security and other development issues.

The Africa Regional Data Cube has transitioned into Digital Earth Africa, an evolution to increase scale, sustainability, and functionality through a continental-wide operational service on Earth observation data. Learn more here.

The Africa Regional Data Cube (ARDC) was a tool harnessing Earth observation data and satellite technology to help Ghana, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Senegal, and Tanzania address various issues relating to agriculture, food security, deforestation, urbanization, water access, and more.

The ARDC was:

  • demand-led and responsive to what partner countries need; 
  • fairly intensive on capacity building to meet that need;
  • focused on interoperability to leverage breakthroughs regardless of the platform where they may happen; and
  • supports countries to develop a governance framework that embraces institutionalization leading to sustainable implementation.

The ARDC was developed by the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites in partnership with the Group on Earth Observations, Amazon Web Services, Strathmore University in Kenya, Office of the Deputy President, Kenya, and the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data.