Duration: 75 min
Location: Jag├╝el 2
Session type: Fishbowl

AI technologies are being used in many aspects of life, and also to tackle different SDG challenges, such as environmental issues, transparency or inequality. Many of these efforts are carried out collaboratively by public and private sectors and civil society organizations. These collaborations can take different forms, including sharing a basic input for AI systems: data. Data sharing frameworks are a topic themself, and they are being reshaped when it comes to AI, where they play a key role in the ecosystem.

The session will be informed by brand new information of the organizations proposing it. ODC will share outputs on their latest reports on data needs towards SDG and open data for AI, the Global Index on Responsible AI will do a share initial insights on the pilot data collection phase in 10 countries, preparing for the full data collection in +130; and ILDA will share updates on Empatia.