popgrid report coverHaving reliable and timely population data can make a life or death difference for individuals facing crises or living in conflict-ridden regions. These data are essential for addressing the above challenges and for critical decision-making and planning. 

We need to know where people are located, what conditions they are facing, what infrastructure is available, and what basic services they can access. When it comes to counting people in hard-to-reach and often hostile environments, there are no silver bullets. However, gridded population data offer a promising option for delivering actionable data in difficult circumstances.

Leaving No One off the Map was produced by SDSN TReNDS with input from CIESIN and the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data. The report aims to narrow this knowledge gap by helping to improve the accessibility and understanding of gridded population datasets for policymakers and other users.

>>> Read Leaving No One off the Map (PDF, 13 MB).


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