DataRepública is a digital platform oriented to connect citizens to data and to strengthen the skills of the development actors for evidence-based decision-making and communication based on data, connecting the dots and producing inputs to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

In 2016, Cepei and Telefónica, as members of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development, signed an agreement to strengthen the data ecosystem for sustainable development in Latin America. Due to this partnership, DataRepública was developed as an initiative that aims to support the articulation of the data ecosystem for sustainable development in the region, through mapping data and sources of information, connecting actors, analyzing data for the construction of stories, and through the formulation of training strategies for journalists and other interest groups.

Data Lab for Sustainable Development

DataRepública is a digital lab that will serve as a vehicle to bring data to development actors and strengthen capacities for decision-making, entrepreneurship and data-based communication for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In, it is possible to see which institutions (governmental and non- state) give and use data related to the SDGs at the national level, identify existing tools to work with big data, share articles and stories based on data and visualize them in innovative ways, and access to online courses and content to learn about data and the 2030 Agenda for Latin America.

In its initial phase, DataRepública focused on mapping the data ecosystems of ColombiaMexico, and Costa Rica. In the medium term, we estimate to cover Latin American countries, and in the long term, we aim to cover the Global South.


Contributing Partners

CEPEI - Knowledge factory for the world we deserve
CEPEI aims to increase regional dialogue and information sharing, provide policy solutions, and insights on critical strategic areas so as to optimize the engagement in: governance, finance, and data for sustainable development.

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