The Advanced Data Planning tool (ADAPT) from the Partnership in Statistics for Development in the 21st Century (PARIS21) allows national statistical offices (NSOs) to identify data gaps and the necessary resources to fill those gaps. It reveals gaps in data coverage, reporting, financing and disaggregation. Additionally, it offers modules on planning and costing to estimate the budget needed to finance closing data gaps. ADAPT helps NSOs plan data­-related activities and costing for the Sustainable Development Goals within their national statistical system.


With the selection of 17 SDGs covering 169 targets with 229 indicators, NSOs face unprecedented data demands as coordinators of data producers within the NSS. It is vital for NSO to harness new technologies and data sources to provide data to monitor and achieve the SDGs. PARIS21 has developed ADAPT to support NSOs in meeting the challenges of this rapidly changing environment in light of the SDGs.

In particular, PARIS21 aims this tool at countries facing new demands from global agencies monitoring the SDGs. It emphasizes adaptation of the SDGs to align with each country’s own national priorities. ADAPT has been piloted in the Philippines, Cambodia, Rwanda and Cameroon, with plans also in place for Bolivia. Following these pilots, ADAPT will be made available both via cloud and server, with a full release planned for January 2017.

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