We bring together top data scientists with leading social change organizations to collaborate on cutting-edge analytics and advanced algorithms to maximize social impact.

Our programs build upon one another and are designed to meet organizations where they are. From evening or weekend events to multi-month projects, all are designed to provide social organizations with the pro bono data science innovation team they need to tackle critical humanitarian issues in the fields of education, poverty, health, human rights, the environment, and cities.

Priorities as a partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

DataKind is proposing a suite of programs, in partnership with MasterCard, focused on creating full-time data science capability, thought leadership activities, and other collaborative spaces within New York City (NYC).

These efforts will work to alleviate poverty in NYC, improve the quality of life of under-served New Yorkers, and fill the gap in critical data science capacity for the SDGs. The project outcome, achieved through data science techniques, will help advance the mission of an organization(s) or initiative. The project could yield new insights for better decision-making or revolutionize processes for more efficient operations.

Sustained data science resources could make a huge impact on economic development issues facing NYC as well as serve as a proof point for the social sector about the power of advanced data science techniques.


This Partner Works to Achieve These SDGs