CIECODE (Centro de Investigación y Estudios sobre Coherencia y Desarrollo / Research Centre for Policy Coherence and Development) is a development-oriented think-and-do-tank based in Madrid.

Our mission is to promote an informed and fact-based public debate on sustainable development.

CIECODE’s two primary activities are, first, the analysis of the impact of public policies (mainly trade, migration and international cooperation) from a Policy Coherence for Development perspective; and second, the development of innovative online-tools to automatically track the sustainable development-related activity in national parliaments which provides public, direct, and free access to this information to the general public and key stakeholders.


Priorities as a partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

The ultimate institutional goal of CIECODE is to enhance – ambitious, properly designed, and sufficiently funded – public policies oriented toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

We believe that, to do so, four ingredients are essential: active, informed, and demanding citizenship; empowered and influential social organizations; independent, capable, and critical media; and a responsible and accountable political class, subject to public control.

On the basis of this view, CIECODE has developed an online tool, called TiPi (which stands for Transparency + Information + Participation + Influence). TiPi is a tool that generates open-data, promoting transparency, access to information, and political accountability allowing the monitoring of all parliamentarian activity related to sustainable development, poverty, and social equality. TiPi is able to automatically classify the parliamentarian activity in 21 strategically selected topics, through an advanced scraping and labeling process. Finally, TiPi’s online browser offers free, direct, and detailed access to all the parliamentarian information.

With this tool, CIECODE aims to achieve three specific objectives:

  1. To offer civil society a tool that, through the access to information, reinforces its capacity to participate and influence the processes of policymaking.
  2. To offer the media a new specialized source of information in order to promote and facilitate an informed public debate about equality and sustainable development.
  3. To generate an incentive system for the political class through public recognition and the demand for political accountability.

Today, CIECODE is working on the adaptation of TiPi to the 2030 Agenda framework. The social and political issues behind the SDGs are highly complex and, nowadays, it is very difficult to be an expert in something and impossible to know about everything. Through it’s “intelligent browser”, the knowledge of experts and specialized organizations is transferred to the user, who can analyze and monitor the parliamentarian activity and the political debate from a qualified perspective. Once adapted to the Agenda 2030 framework, TiPi will allow users to see the political activity of its town, region, state, or country through a “pair of magic glasses” that automatically classifies and organizes all the information from an SDGs viewpoint.

This can make a huge difference and open multiple new opportunities in terms of public and political awareness, control and accountability around the SDGs public and political debate. Although today TiPi is only implemented in Spain, it has been designed open and flexible (in terms of technology and know-how) so it is ready to be easily adapted and implemented in any country or region.


This Partner Works to Achieve These SDGs