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23 March 2018, 1:00-7:30pm

Writing Room, Bristol City Hall

Bristol, UK

Lunch, dinner, and refreshments provided.

Data Drinks, sponsored by CARTO, to follow!

#Data4DevFest #BristolDataDive

The Bristol Data Dive, part of the Data for Development Festival, is an opportunity to play with and explore data for sustainable development in an informal yet energetic setting. Engage with our team of experts, meet new people, learn, and apply your unique skills to advance the use of data for sustainable development and social good. Register here to attend the data dive.

Who should attend?

  • Developers/hackers interested in tackling poverty, inequality, and climate change.
  • International development practitioners interested in data analysis and visualization.
  • Designers and UX professionals interested in creating solutions to global problems.
  • Data for Development Festival attendees.
  • Data enthusiasts and scientists.


(Please note registration is required for participation and space is limited.)

Challenge Focus and Data Dive Format
Focus: Cities, transportation, and the Sustainable Development Goals

Format: The data dive will give participants the opportunity to engage with the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data’s API Highways data infrastructure, and with experts from CARTO, Datavized, Urban Things, and the Bristol City Council Innovation Team. There will also be a series of flash talks from data for development experts representing Bristol, Bogota, and Sierra Leone. A team of mentors will be available throughout the session to provide technical and policy-related guidance on data science, analysis, and visualizations, as well as development policy and the SDGs.

Toolkits containing resources, tools and guidance, and options for data sets, portals, and APIs, will be provided in advance of the workshop. The session will close with optional presentations, followed by judging and awarding of prizes before heading off for Data Drinks!

Objective: Working in pairs and using two or more data sets, participants will create a visualization that extracts insights related to cities, transportation, and the SDGs.



Tech Mentor Team

Debra Anderson, Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Datavized

Tyler Bird, Community Team Lead, CARTO

David Else, Head of Platforms, Urban Things

Adrian Laurenzi, Data Scientist, API Highways, GPSDD

Stuart Lynn, Head of Data Science, CARTO

Bobby Stuijfzand, Data Science Specialist, Jean Golding Institute

What should I bring?

Laptop and charger - strongly suggested but not required.

What if I don’t have a partner?

You don’t need to have a partner to attend! We will be doing partner matchmaking, seeking to match people with different skill sets and backgrounds for maximum knowledge-sharing and collaboration.


Bristol City Council Innovation Team, CARTO, Datavized, The Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data, Urban Things


When world leaders adopted the Sustainable Development Goals, they made a historic commitment to build a world of peace and prosperity for people and for the planet. The scale of the goals will require strong partnerships, underpinned by data analysis to assess need, develop solutions, direct resources, and measure impact. Data powers progress but there are gaps in data production, quality, and usage that will make it harder to achieve the SDGs. The Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data seeks to address these gaps, working to ensure we have the data needed for making the smart policy choices necessary to achieve the goals by 2030. The Global Partnership’s network of 300 partners are working to create a world where good data is used to achieve just and sustainable societies. We do this by advocating for the role of data in driving sustainable development, initiating collaboration across all sectors to innovate and build capacity, improving data access and interoperability mechanisms and standards, and working with governments and other partners at the country-level to create and implement robust data ecosystems.

Photo by Kris Krüg

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Contributing Partners

Private sector
CARTO is an open cloud location data platform offering visual insights on where things happen, why they happen, and predicting what will happen in the future.
Datavized Logo
Private sector
Datavized is an immersive visualization platform that makes it easy to turn complex data into fully interactive web experiences.