As a mission-driven nonprofit, Development Gateway (DG) works to ensure governments, organizations, and citizens can access, understand, and apply data to achieve sustainable development outcomes.

DG partners with 35+ governments and numerous development organizations to create tools, skills and processes for data-driven decision-making. DG has extensive in-house technology, data and training expertise, and also studies how to enable development data use. DG works across development sectors with special expertise in open government, citizen engagement and results-based management.

Priorities as a partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

To develop the right tools, training, and processes to support governments’ management and use of data to achieve the 2030 Agenda. Through new and existing partnerships with governments, international organizations, and civil society, we pledge to encourage data-driven decision-making at international, national, and local levels; tap country capacity to do so; and to include citizen voices in this process.


Initiatives in Development Gateway


Data Roadmaps

GPSDD Initiated | Resources Available
Data roadmaps support countries in developing and implementing multi-stakeholder data ecosystems for sustainable development.

News about Development Gateway

September 14, 2015

Sustainable Development Goals Community Event

The United States Government, working with members of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data, hosted the first of a series of community data events, starting with one in that brought together policy makers, data scientists, statisticians, application developers, and other data users and producers.
Data Festival banner
February 14, 2018

Data for Development Festival

21-23 March 2018, Bristol, United Kingdom

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Research, Methods and Good Practices

Use of IATI in Country Systems

This paper presents a brief summary of Development Gateway (DG) activities and learning through its ongoing year-long program “Use of IATI in Country Systems.”

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